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Communion with the Triune God

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Communion with the Triune God

By John Owen


Several years ago I was given nine volumes of the works of John Owen and the only volume that I have worked all my way through is Communion with the Triune God. Although it is extraordinary hard work to read John Owen, I found it a wonderfully fulfilling experience.

Having said that, I am deeply grateful to Kelly Kapic and Justin Taylor for bringing out a new paperback with John Owen’s work made so much more accessible in terms of shorter paragraphs and the removal of archaic language.

His insight into personal fellowship with each member of the Trinity is magnificent, and although many scholars would differ from him on his spiritualising of The Song of Solomon representing our fellowship with Jesus, I defy you not to be blessed in reading his interpretation, as of course was CH Spurgeon, Robert Murray McCheyne, Hudson Taylor, Watchman Nee and others.

As John Piper, among others, would regard John Owen as one of the greatest English theologians of all time, I was particularly fascinated to note his treatment of Galatians 3:2 in which he shows that it is through faith we receive the Holy Spirit as a gift as one promised to believers by implication subsequent to the new birth, which of course he regards as a passive work of grace as the dead being called to life.


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