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Big Announcement!

This story has been over a year in the making …

In November 2009, Terry asked me to help him with Facebook and 'this new thing, Twitter'. I showed him how and since my foot was in the door, boldly suggested we change his website. After a few conversations with Nigel Ring, his administrator, and Adrian Willard his communications expert, he agreed. And so we began …

With a highly capable team we hit the drawing board to build 'new design version 1.0' (or desiringterry as it was affectionately known). But, alas Terry rejected our design.

So earlier this year, the highly capable team got together once again to produce … well, version 2.0. But this time, enter the creative genius that is Andy Cross. Together with the wondrous Mr. Cross and the machine Rob from Endis, we built a website that we hope Terry likes and we're sure you will too.

Why now?

As Newfrontiers begins to move from one apostolic sphere to many spheres, I am convinced that this is the start of a new chapter in Terry's extraordinary life. This website is a statement. Terry is not winding down. On the contrary, we're providing a platform for a big  push.

Version 2.0

It's important for us that you have an enriching experience as you browse  The website consists largely of 6 main categories:

1. Articles: Series and individual articles on key topics such as The Cross, Grace, The Church, World Mission, Apostles amongst many more.

2. Media: Audio and video preaching and teaching. Check out a much younger sounding Terry from 1981!

3. Bible Insight: Studies on key people and themes in scripture.

4. Books: I reckon Terry has over a million books in his study. Reviews and recommendations galore!

5. Blog: Regular updates from Terry as he travels the world. You will often find faith inspiring stories of men and women healed by Jesus.

6. Calender: Find out when Terry is preaching at a church near you.

Think of the site as one large resource library. On the resources page you have the option to navigate content in a variety of ways. Not least is the new topic index – a really useful way to find just what you're looking for.

I've heard stories of church leaders who became Spirit-filled Christians after stumbling upon an audio cassette of Terry's sermons, and others who testify that their lives were transformed by listening to his grace messages. My hope is that through this website, you'll discover and worship in awesome wonder the God that Terry preaches about. It's not every day that you come upon a man who has fathered a movement of churches across 60 countries, and whose longing is to see the expression of Christianity changed across the world: a man of prayer who stands humbly before a Holy God. This man has much to offer.

Discover and be blessed

The Spirit Filled Church
The Spirit Filled Church
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