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Newfrontiers Magazines and other archives

I am so delighted with the ongoing progress of newfrontiers all around the world with it's new teams taking on responsibility among the nations.  We have of course a wonderful history but no longer publish the magazine and books. In the past we have been served by a superb magazine and I'm so delighted that what we had previously published is now available.

With the closure of our offices in Hove and London it was important to ensure that the archives of Newfrontiers did not become irretrievably dispersed. One part of this process has been to digitise all the Magazines that have been produced over the last three decades.
Revival Library generously took on this task and have done a great job. These magazines are now all available on a searchable DVD, a ‘must’ for anyone who wishes to retain a full set for research or just for interest. It would seem appropriate for every Newfrontiers church, at least, to have such a resource since the magazines contain so much of out values and roots.
Please not that there is a 20% discount for orders placed before June 10th.

The DVD can be ordered here.

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The Spirit Filled Church
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